Animated decorations

Animated decoration can be used to attract customers. Because these are custom projects that require solutions tailored to a space and its specific characteristics, it is crucial to first predetermine the project’s specific requirements and needs.

We bring all our experience and know-how to bear during this initial stage to help define your animated decoration project.

Design and construction of animated decoration

Our creative department prepares a customised design proposal based on the defined requirements and tailored to the customer’s needs, audience and budget.

Once the design stage has been completed, construction takes place in our workshops, which means we can build to the proposed design specifics and monitor the process down to the very last detail. This is what makes the difference between our products and basic, off-the-shelf options.

Distribution and installation of animated decorations

This is one of the most important stages of the project, since installation is what will essentially make the animated decoration look and feel just as it was designed and developed during the construction stage.

To that end, Dein Interdecor drafts detailed site and elevation plans to ensure accurate and quick installation, always under the strict supervision of our installation department.

Proyectos de Animated decorations


Tell us about your project

We will develop your decoration project according to your needs, from Christmas and thematic decorations to decorations for special promotional or anniversary events.


Christmas decorations, thematic decorations and decorations for special events.



After assessing the space that needs to be decorated together with the client, our artistic and technical department turns its attention to the design and creative development of proposals tailored to each space.



The manufacturing processes are carried out at our facilities, which means we are more agile and faster with orders and can ensure maximum quality control. We select the most suitable materials with excellent finishes and extraordinary strength.



We have all the infrastructures and human and technical resources necessary to guarantee a reliable service that meets your timeline. The articles are careful stored and distributed to ensure on-time delivery.

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